About This Blog

I've tried blogging several times in the past and failed miserably. I would publish a post or two and then be drawn completely into whatever fictional world I was currently creating, leaving the blog to wither and die like an untended plant. I think, perhaps, my problem with these failed attempts was lack of focus, which is not a mistake I plan on making again.

Six Demon Bag, therefore, will mostly consists of articles that fall under one category or another.  I'll try to keep the categories consistantly updated, however I'm a realist.  Sooner or later, my interest in pursuing at least one of these sections will wane, only to be replaced with some new idea for posts.  And I'm perfectly okay with that.  I like the idea of this page being organic, of it being allowed to thrive and flounder as it goes through its evolution.  So the list below is far from complete.  It is far from set in stone.  But it is a focus and that, if nothing else, is a beginning.

Book Reviews:  In the book reviews section, I'll be staying away from the mainstream and focusing entirely upon the indie author community that I so passionately love.  Self published and small press will be the rule, not the exception.  After all, you can find a Stephen King or Dean Koontz review anywhere....

Author Interviews:  If there's one thing I truly enjoy, it's talking shop.  Especially when that talk is among my peers.  In the interviews section, you'll get some of the questions you'd expect from an interview;  but I'll also try to throw a little pepper into the pot with questions designed to explore the interviewee's imagination.

True Stories:  These will be what I consider to be some of the more interesting parts of my life.  Readers of my work may notice overlaps, places in my fiction where I draw inspiration from true life events;  some of the experiences will be seeing print, in any form or incarnation, for the first time.  And still others will be things that, until now, I've only shared with me wife.  Everyone has a story... this one is mine.

On Demand Movie Reviews:  Think of this as the poor man's "At The Movies".  I'll select a film from one of my On Demand channels, watch it, and then let you know what I think.  Ratings will be on a six demon scale.  One demon will mean it's an utter piece of shit and I hated it.  Three demons signify an okay film and the entire demonic contents of my bag means that the movie kicked complete and total ass and was nearly flawless.  So this gives you the baseline measures for the ratings system.  I should note, since I know it will happen sooner or later, that there is also a special "zero demon" rating held in reserve.  These will be the films where even free was too expensive and I ended up turning the TV off in digust rather than subjecting myself to it any longer.  Zero demons, however, will only be deployed when absolutely necessary.

So there you go:  the main post categories of Six Demon Bag.  I'll try not to abuse them.

Warmest regards,

William Todd Rose