Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travelling Sex Pig of the Apocalypse

Somewhere out there, there’s an inflatable sex pig with my name on it.  This is probably the strangest way I’ve ever started one of my posts, so a bit of backstory is in order.  My wife recently took a road trip to Texas with her cousin so they could help their aunt settle in from a recent move.  Due to our responsibilities here at home, Farrell could only stay a couple weeks and, since her cousin was staying longer, bordered a Greyhound bus when the time came for her to return to West Virginia. The trip should have only taken about a day and a half, but was fraught with mishaps and delays (including the bus station in Atlanta being hit by a tornado).  Her itinerary was rerouted multiple times and she actually ended up spending close to three days on the bus.  There’s some interesting characters who ride the bus and with the sheer amount of time she was on the road, she was bound to meet some.

One of these characters was a guy in his early twenties who dressed like Silent Bob from the film Clerks and who’d just discovered Jack Kerouac.  Besides his copy of On The Road, this guy was also travelling with an inflatable sex pig.  He stored a marker in its orifice and would try to get as many people on the bus to sign the pig as he possibly could.  My wife noticed that when he handed the pig off to someone, they would invariably read what everyone else had written before adding their own bit of prose.  When the guy changed buses, this pattern would undoubtedly repeat since it seemed to be basic human nature.  This also meant there would be a lot of people reading that pig… a fact which was not lost on her.

When Farrell’s turn to sign the pig came around, she took the marker and wrote in bold letters, READ APOCALYPTIC ORGAN GRINDER BY WILLIAM TODD ROSE.  This was a brilliant stroke of viral marketing.  People on buses have a lot of time on their hands.  People on buses have smart phones and e-readers to help wile away this time.  And a lot of people from all across the country ride the bus.  That travelling sex pig has the potential to expose my work to people who otherwise may have never heard of it.

And that, dear readers, is why somewhere out there, there’s an inflatable sex pig with my name on it.

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