Sunday, April 10, 2016

Do You Have What It Takes To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

A rag-tag group of survivors is huddled within the crumbling ruins of a burnt-out building. Outside, hordes of the walking dead shamble through the streets in their relentless pursuit of human flesh, drawn by the slightest sound.  From the safety of neighboring rooftops, unknown snipers take potshots at your crew every time someone hazards a peek through a window.  Return fire might thin out the snipers’ ranks, but would also draw the undead’s attention away from the roofs and lead them directly to you. Yet something has to be done…and soon. One of your companions caught a bullet in the leg and is bleeding out through the femoral artery.  Time is of the essence.  What do you do?

This is the type of situation players in The Wolf Pack face on a regular basis.  Falling under the banner of online roleplaying, The Wolf Pack might be more aptly described as “collaborative storytelling”.  There are no complex rules to memorize, no dice rolls or stats to keep track of; those who immerse themselves into this alternate universe move the plot along in short, first-person posts told from their own characters’ perspectives.  Typical updates usually consist of a four to five sentence paragraph, meaning that the time investment to play along is minimal; yet the twists presented in these posts often send the game into unexpected areas, keeping the action fresh and interesting.

The brevity of the updates also means that players aren’t required to be eloquent writers whose prose borders on literary greatness. In short, anyone who can imagine themselves struggling to survive in a hostile wasteland has what it takes to play. Even better, for those who join and find that it isn’t quite their cup of tea or that even the minuscule time investment is too much for their hectic schedules, dropping out of the game is easy. It is, after all, a zombie apocalypse; and—like in the movies and novels which inspired The Wolf Pack—characters die.

The Wolf Pack is hosted by—an alternative social media site for horror, survival, and apocalypse enthusiasts—and free registration with the site is required to play. The registration process, however, is quick and easy, allowing new players to join in on the mayhem within moments. Interested parties can also click the following link to be taken directly to The Wolf Pack page; the current and previous “chapters” of the ongoing story can be read without registering by visiting the Forum section of the group. The Wolf Pack

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