Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Plundering the Vaults: The Top Ten Most Popular Six Demon Bag Posts

So I’ve been posting on Six Demon Bag on and off for quite some time;  longer, in fact, than any of the other blogs I’ve attempted. This is partly due, I think, to the fact that I don’t put any pressure on myself to ensure it’s updated on a a regular basis.  Sometimes months may go by without a single post.  Other times there may be a flurry of activity spanning several days. It’s much easier to delve into the bag when the mood takes me rather than force myself to pen something new every few days. I’ve also purposefully kept this blog from having a specific theme.  Writing, observations on life, sci-fi, horror, personal experiences, movies, books, and games:  the contents of my six demon bag are varied.  What follows, however, are the most popular posts from this blog, ranked in descending order.

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10.  Life Inside a Suburban Hot Zone   Documenting my family’s battle against a highly contagious, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Life Inside a Suburban Hot Zone is one of my more personal posts. This was a very challenging period of our lives and occasionally I return to this post and think about the lessons learned from the experience. Since this entry was penned, my father has since passed away and I miss him dearly.  It was the cancer which got him in the end...not the nasty little microbe I've written about.  We finally succeeded in kicking its ass once and for all.

9. In Progress Game Review: White Noise   I think this was the first game review I posted, though I could be mistaken about that.  In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago that I downloaded and played this little game.  Who knew that a review of a game I hadn’t even finished playing at the time would wind up in the Top 10?

8. The End is Nigh: 06/17/13  I’d actually forgotten about this collection of mock-PSAs I designed for the second-edition of Apocalyptic Organ Grinder.  Looking back, I’m rather pleased with how they turned out.  The "Know Your Enemy" theme, I feel, is well suited for that particular book.

7. Fighter’s Bite (a free short story)  My work first started gaining an audience when I wrote zombie fiction, partially because I happened to be working in the right genre at the right time.  When I penned The Dead & Dying, I never dreamed that zombie-mania was only months away from sweeping the nation.  By the time my fascination with the topic waned, I’d published two novels featuring the living dead, a short story collection, and had my work represented in a gaggle of anthologies. Fighter’s Bite was the last story I wrote which featured these particular creatures and it remains as one of my favorite pieces from that era.

6. Book Review: Blood Legacy by Carl Hose   I consider myself fortunate to have a lot of creative and talented individuals within my circle.  Though he’s turned his outlets more toward music than writing as of late, Carl Hose is one of these people.  That being said, I am not one to heap praises upon a work of fiction simply because I consider the author a close and personal friend; this book earned the accolades contained within this review and I stand by every word in this review. I would still have considered it a well-crafted, engrossing read even if I hadn’t known the person whose name appeared on the byline.

5 Author Interview: Vincenzo Bilof  Coming in at the number five spot is my interview with Vincenzo Bilof.  A couple years back, I had the opportunity to sit down and pick the brain of this respected friend and colleague.  It remains as one of my favorite interviews and its spot in the Top Ten is well-deserved.  Read the interview.  Read his work.  'Nuff said.

4.  Searching for Hannah: My Experiences as a Volunteer  When college student Hannah Graham went missing in 2014, my family and I volunteered to be part of a search and rescue operation whose unified goal was finding this young girl and bringing her home. Sadly, as anyone who followed this particular story is aware, this goal was never realized. It was more emotional than I expected and, in retrospect, I’m glad I sat down and documented the experience.

3. A Place Not So Unkind   When I originally wrote The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People, it was meant to be the first novel in a seven book series which would follow my protagonists from the time Ocean was 14  to when she was an old woman at the end of her life.  I still know the rest of the story; I know the answers to the unresolved questions a lot of readers have posed after reading the book.  However, I simply don’t know if I will ever actually write the rest of the tale. I still love these characters dearly, but my creative processes have simply been pulling me in other directions.

2. Traveling Sex Pig of the Apocalypse   A very short post I wrote about a genius piece of viral marketing devised by my wife.  So short, in fact, that I really don’t want to say too much about it here.

And The All-Time, Most Popular Post On Six Demon Bag Award goes to….

1. Conjuring the Devil: A True Story   It is unbelievable how many people out there are searching for information on how to either conjure demons or the Devil himself.  If I made a similar list of Top 10 search terms that led people to my blog, eight of those spots would be claimed by some variation of “conjuring demons”.  This single post—a true story about trying to summon the devil when I was a kid—has generated so much traffic that even if I add together the hits from the other posts in this list, the total doesn’t even come close to the numbers this entry has garnered.

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